Webinar: Working with Themes in Storyline 3: Everything You Need to Know

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A well-designed Storyline theme can save hours of development time and ensure each one of your courses looks and functions the best it can. Andrew Vass, eLearning evangelist joined us for a webinar covering:

  • Working with Master slides and Feedback Master slides
  • Changing the player properties
  • Setting fonts and colors
  • Saving a custom theme
  • Applying a custom theme to a new project


Andrew also followed up afterward on some of the questions we ran out of time to address. You can see his answers below the recording.



Q: What is the difference between a master slide and a layout?

A: Slide masters have multiple layouts associated with them. These layout slides inherit the properties of the slide master. Many people refer to these as “master slides,” but Storyline calls them “layouts.”

Q: Is there a way to create a new theme from scratch—or should you always start with one of the included themes and “save as” your new theme?

A: When you create a blank project in Storyline 3, it will default to the “Clean” theme. This is Storyline’s generic theme and it is designed to be edited and saved as a new theme.

Q: What is the difference between “save as template” and “save current theme?”

A: A template file includes all slides that have been added to a project, while a theme file will only contain the colors, fonts, slide masters, and feedback masters. Themes that are used in a template file will show when the template is imported into an existing project.

Q: Please show the saving again…are you saving it while in themes?

A: To save a theme, open the Design tab and expand the Themes window, then select “Save Current Theme.” See screenshot below.

how to save theme in storyline

Q: Are theme files compatible among Storyline versions? ie., are they interchangeable among SL2, SL3, 360?<

A: Yes, theme files can be applied to projects created in any version of Storyline.

Q: Where do I change the Notes font?

A: The Notes font can be changed in the Player window. Once this window is open, select “Colors and Effects”. The Notes will reflect whatever font is sent as the “Player font.” See screenshot below.

How to change Notes font in Storyline

Q: Can you remind us what the initial Storyline theme was that you manipulated?

A: That was the eLearning Brothers Cobalt Style Layout. It can be downloaded with a Free Trial or an Asset Library subscription.

For more tips, you can also check out this Theme Colors cheat sheet from the eLearning Heroes Forums.


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