We’re the approachable experts.
(Oh, and award-winning too)!

Tech keeps the world learning. Learning keeps the world turning.


We value win-win, but have a sense of humor and a relaxed, collaborative attitude.


We say things how they are, kindly. Meaning we focus on the end goal and how to get there in the best way.


We’re leading the way for bringing the world’s best learning products to a local market.

Rustica, CEO & Founder

Once described as ‘an inspiring disruptor, a nostradamus trend-spotter who travels into the future and brings us back goodies to play with’! Business or play, Rustica leads with a strong set of values and puts outcomes ahead of personal gain.

Garry, BDO

Sometimes known as ‘Harry’ due to a mistyped key-stoke, he has been global partner for two years. He‘s a mine of knowledge, if you ask a question, he has the answer! Unless, he’s running through the mountains in 'Taranaki!'

Emma, Senior Learning Designer

With nearly 20 years in the learning industry, Emma is a true generalist and has experience in all things learning and instructional design.

Nicki, Project & Finance Manager

Often balancing travel with business Nicki is responsible for just about everything and everyone! Our clients vocally express that they love how she speaks common sense and negotiates consistently ensuring results, whilst remaining grounded and positive.

Lauren, Executive Assistant

When her fingers aren’t stuck in play-doh with her daughter, Lauren is found crafting exciting proposals that aid pulling our projects together.

Rache, Graphic Design and Animation

Rache loves all things design! She enjoys keeping up to date with current design trends and creates creates crisp and captivating learning content.