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Bloom was an early adopter of technology in the L&D industry and is now considered a trend-setter. We are passionate about raising the standard of learning and development in New Zealand through digital technology and tools. We are constantly searching out, researching and reporting on the latest tools and technology to ensure we stay ahead of emerging trends.

The convergence of design and high end technology allows us to solve problems and make organisations stand out from the crowd. We use the latest digital learning approaches and technologies to design effective solutions that excite and challenge learners. Bloom is New Zealand’s leading digital partner - our entire approach is innovative and creative and we are known for thinking outside the square.


We’re experts in eLearning and content development. We don’t just provide content – we work with you to create eLearning that’s right for your people, your budget and your strategy. Our network of elearning professionals is the key to the way we work. We are not constrained by any one model of delivery which makes us the perfect partner to provide flexible online solution

We’ll bring our knowledge of learning philosophies, technology and creativity to your project, and will show you the difference your eLearning will make – both to your bottom line and your learners’ engagement. We are not afraid to try new approaches – and we offer support and development around new and emerging elearning trends.


Bloom’s vision is to raise the standard of learning and development in New Zealand for better business results. As an L&D professional it is difficult to find courses in New Zealand that upskill you. We provide the best training available to ensure the industry is up to date and skilled.

We host a range of workshops including our regular Instructional Design and Creating Engaging eLearning as well as relevant online courses. We have partnered with international learning gurus to bring you our Cyber Chats with Lead Learners webinar series. And we provide you with the latest technology in our Tool Talks series. Our popular eLearnz conference and eLearnz eLab are the most anticipated L&D events of the year. Subscribe to our Learning Newsletter and our L&D TV channel to keep up to date with the latest innovations in learning and development.


  • When we commenced our work with Rustica and her team we set out to achieve some ambitious goals in a very short period of time. Thanks to Rustica’s creativity, innovation and expertise our project team were proud and delighted to launch a global offering using the latest elearning that resulted in a 58% reduction in delivery time and a 47% cost saving per learner. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the savings and the speed with which we achieved our project goals.
    Emma Kirkman
    Global Organisational Development Manager, Orion Health
  • I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Bloom on a regular basis. From day one it has been nothing but a great professional experience. Bloom is truly an industry leader and trail blazer in the L&D field. Through Bloom I have had opportunities to work with great clients on interesting projects. Because of their clear and efficient communication and personal, supportive approach to talent management, I have been able to focus my energy on the design and development of each project, enabling me to bring the best results to our many satisfied clients.
    Agata Oleksiak
    Director & Senior Instructional Designer, Creative Leap
  • Rustica has been instrumental in facilitating our Onboarding, Induction, Health and Safety and Training requirements. In choosing the contractors to work with us, she has effectively matched their skills to our requirements and that has been the success of our new education programme. Her team is dynamic and responsive. The Savvy Start process has meant that we had clear goals, objectives and what we would expect in results, right from the initial planning stages. They have always delivered projects, on time and to budget, and have exceeded our expectations.
    Dianne Sherrock
    Retail Training Manager, Green Cross Health
  • A special thanks and recommendation to Rustica and Angie for the Talent Dynamics workshop. Our team found the report and the workshop insightful. It was great to see and to appreciate the strengths that each of us bring to the team as well as gain understanding as why a team member may experience stress or frustration. The team found the facilitation really relatable and are still talking about the day.
    Alison Marshall
    Learning and Talent Development Manager, BurgerFuel Worldwide
  • It is always a challenge to work with a new team of training advisors with an aspiration to raise the level of skills and knowledge across the team. We started by engaging Rustica to deliver the Talent Dynamics Profiling Tool. This tool not only informs individuals about their strengths, but also provides a platform that naturally leads into deeper discussion about learning design. Thoughtfully facilitated by Rustica, the feedback session was enjoyable and team strengthening.
    Kimberley da Silva
    Team Lead, Ministry of Social Development
  • Bloom are a specialist firm who are market leaders in learning and development. They are putting a lot back into the industry and helping to raise standards and improve NZ's skill base. Their service is second to none and I highly recommend them for learning and development work.
    Stephen Billing
    Director, Exponential Consulting