Webinar: Writing (and Designing) Much More Better: Part 2

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For this webinar, eLearning Brothers instructional designer Dr. Dave Christiansen joined us to share writing and design tips to make your courses more learner focused and more engaging overall.

Dave covered the topics in the list below. For each topic, Dave presented a not-so-great example eLearning slide and asked attendees to submit ideas on how to make it better. After discussing the audience suggestions, Dave revealed his ideas for a better slide and talked about why he changed the things he did. The audience was full of fabulous ideas and everyone took away some great new tips on creating more engaging eLearning.

  • Realistic Dialogue is “More Better”
  • “More Engaging-er” Instructions
  • “Much More Conversational” Narration
  • Unexpected is “More Better”
  • Providing “More Better” Value


Slide from Writing (And Designing) Much More Better: Part 2

Dave, always bringing the jokes. (Be sure to watch the webinar recording to hear some A+ Idaho jokes.)

For realistic dialogue and conversational narration, tips included giving characters engaging backstories, making sure to ask the learner questions, and adding in natural transition words like “well,” “um,” and “yeah.”

Dave also shared an example of a real course he created for an accounting company where he was able to sneak in some unexpected humor. Yes, even accountants enjoy a joke now and then! (I can say that because my dad is an accountant.)

Watch the recording below to see how Dave made a fun introductory slide for the accounting company’s course and get more tips on writing and designing more engaging eLearning.

See Dave’s first webinar in this series: Writing Much More Better.

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