Webinar: Learning Strategy and Organizational Development Services

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We burst onto the eLearning scene and quickly made a name for ourselves with our awesome eLearning resources like easy-to-customize templates, games, quizzes, and more. But there’s more than just cool templates behind these rockin’ orange shirts. We do custom work too, and we do it all—from building you one course to helping you overhaul your entire training program.

Did you know our Custom team can help assess your organizational needs and the changes or gaps in performance that created them?

We define your business payoff needs, your business goals, and the performance goals of your initiative and can then help you to define a strategy and creative, science-based learning methods that will actually help solve your problem.

In this webinar, we shared examples, models and case studies that can help shape your strategic thinking in 2019 and beyond. This includes thoughts such as:

  • We need to have a systematic strategy to make sure that our work as learning and performance professionals actually supports the goals of the organization.
  • Any one learning experience (eLearning, workshop, etc.), no matter how great it is, will have little or no impact in isolation – it needs so be part of a comprehensive strategy.
  • A learning and performance strategy must focus on the results that are needed, the performance that will achieve those results, and how to best enable that performance.
  • The Learning and Performance Strategy Template provides a way to systematically build an effective strategy.

Watch the webinar recording for an in-depth look at how we can help you with your learning strategy.



Let us help you create the most engaging, visually explosive, and effective eLearning ever!

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