Webinar: How to Get the Best Free eLearning Assets

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Picture this:


You’re an eLearning developer—this won’t be hard to imagine, if you’re reading this blog, you probably ARE an eLearning developer—and you need graphics. There’s a big training program rollout coming up and you have tons of courses to build for it. You could probably use a cutout character or two, and you definitely wouldn’t say no to some pre-built layouts.


The catch? There’s NO budget for outside assets—at all. But you’re not a graphic designer. So what to do?


It’s time to look for some free eLearning assets. Of course, as a busy eLearning developer with an impending deadline, you don’t have time to be googling all over the internet and opening 50 tabs of stock photo sites to compare.

What if there were 1 place you could go to access millions of eLearning templates, layouts, interactions, cutout people, stock photos, icons, games, and more? And what if it were ALL FREE?


Welcome to the eLearning Brothers 7-day Asset Library Free Trial, my eLearning friends.


In this webinar, Andrew Townsend, eLearning evangelist and video mastermind, walked attendees through eLearning Brothers’ newest offering—a free 7-day trial to all our different asset libraries.


With this trial, you can download any 10 assets over 7 days.


Our libraries have everything you need to quickly create amazing, interactive learning, from xAPI-enabled course starters and games to already-clipped-out characters in different attire and ethnicities and millions of stock assets.


Watch the recording below to learn about the different assets you can download during your free 7-day trial, and then head over to the signup page to get started!



What does the 7-day free trial include? All these libraries:


eLearning Template Library

1,000s of interactive games, layouts, and designs built in your favorite eLearning authoring tools


Cutout Character Library

Over 100,000 character poses on transparent backgrounds


Stock Asset Library

Millions of images, vector graphics, sound FX, audio loops, video footage, and motion graphics templates


PowerPoint Template Library

Data-driven and animated PowerPoint layouts, graphics, infographics, charts, and more


Icon Library

70,000+ editable icons in a range of styles and categories


Medical Asset Library

Anatomical, realistic medical renderings and videos for any medical project


Start your free trial now.


Or, check out our upcoming webinars.

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