Webinar: Award-Winning Projects – It’s All in the Design!

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Feast your eyes on deeply immersive and visually explosive ELB custom eLearning projects that have won recognition through industry awards. During this webinar recording, you’ll get to understand the key design elements that make for award-winning solutions.

Richard Vass, Director of Custom Solutions & Strategy, showed off a few different award-winning projects his team is especially proud of. Attendees voted for the course topics they were most interested in seeing, and Onboarding came in at first place, so that’s what Rich started with.

Best Onboarding Design

The onboarding course Rich chose to share in this webinar was a course created for PayPal to teach employees global safety and security best practices. This course won an award at FocusOn Learning DemoFest 2017 for Best Onboard/Employee Orientation Solutions.

Best Safety/Regulatory & Compliance Design

Next Rich showed off a safety/regulatory/compliance training course that has won multiple awards, including two from Brandon Hall Group. This cool course was created for MetaMythic, one of our favorite clients. (Just kidding—they’re all our favorites!) Check out this course in more detail on our Custom Solutions page.

Rich showed off a couple other courses our Custom Solutions team has created. Watch the recording now to see those:

Interactivity Levels for Designs

During the video, Rich talked a lot about how our custom course scopes projects by different levels of activity. Here’s a brief explanation of those levels:

custom solutions interactivity levels graphic

We’re always ready to help you create the most engaging, visually explosive, and effective eLearning ever! Contact our Custom Solutions team for more info.

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