The secret to creating awesome docs, really fast.

WalkThru Software enables busy professionals to create better looking documentation in half the time.

Bloom is a proud reseller of WalkThru

Add comments and drawing to any screenshot or image.

Clearly explained documentation is normally hard to do and requires the use of several different software programs. We allow you to do it all in one place.

The markup tools are clever. They have the familiar feel of a drawing tool but combine arrows, text and counters. The counters recount as you rearrange the steps or insert a new step.

Add screenshots and images lightning fast. Bring in 100’s of images at a time.

All screenshots and images are automatically re-sized and re-formatted for Word, Powerpoint, HTML and Outlook.

WalkThru automatically creates multiple formats for your document.

Create your content once and export to Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Outlook and eLearning formats.

Fully formated professional documentation with your logo, corporate brand colours and style.

WalkThru allows you to change all text, counters and arrows to any colour. And integrates with your existing Windows stylesheets to do the heavy lifting for you.