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When you have a door bent out of shape in your house, you may immediately think to call a specialist. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll jump on the internet and see if it might be an easy fix.

Do you find yourself doing the same with eLearning Development or Design? If so I’m sure you’ve run across our YouTube page! We have one of the largest collections of tips, tricks, webinars, speakers, tutorials, and general awesomeness posted there for your viewing pleasure.

Today I want to point out some of the most beneficial sections of our YouTube channel.

  1. Webinar Recordings

We post recordings of most of our Webinars here. Did you know that eLearning Brothers hosts at least one webinar a week all year around? We then post the recordings of those webinars on our YouTube page and on our blog. We’ve also been known to host Facebook Live events and have posted them here as well.

  1. Tutorials

Working in an authoring tool? We post loads of tutorials, tips and tricks for eLearning authoring tools. This includes PowerPoint videos, Camtasia videos, Lectora, Captivate, and Articulate Storyline. I’m not lying when I say we have one of the largest reservoirs of information for every eLearning Developer out there. We even have videos for iSpring.

And that’s just the tips and tricks playlists. You can view the Stage Presentations from the 2018 eLBX conference on our YouTube page. Didn’t make it to DevLearn? That’s fine, we have posted the eLearning Rockstars Learning Stage Presentations from both 2018 and 2017. These are recorded presentations from Industry Experts including Dr. Michael Allen, Mike Hruska, Angel Green, and more!

  1. Product Info

Curious about our awesome products? Trying to see how we can make you an eLearning Rockstar? We’ve got videos about Customizable Courseware. We’ve got videos about our Custom Solutions team. We’ve got videos about our eLearning Game Templates. If you’re curious about a product, we’ve got it showcased and demonstrated on our YouTube page.

Looking for some eLearning Brothers product Support? Check out this playlist we put together to ensure you get the most out of your downloads! We would never leave you in a rut, and that’s why we have so many amazing assets out there for you.

  1. Good ‘ol Fun

Even if you’re just wanting to get some eLearning Brothers fun into your day, you can find it on the eLearning Brothers YouTube page. We hope you’ll like and share, and maybe even comment!


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