Share the Love of eLearning With This Valentines-Ready Course Starter

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To the masses, eLearning might not seem all that romantic.

But to you, dedicated instructional designers and developers, you know that crafting each piece of eLearning content is a labor of love*. So why not turn your next module into a valentine in disguise with the perfect subtly-themed eLearning Course Starter?

That’s right—Apple Tree.

This course starter is easy on the eyes, features professionally-designed layouts and interactions perfect for any content you might want in your eLearning module, and the color scheme includes a shade of pinkish red that doesn’t scream “I bought this card at the drugstore this morning but let’s pretend I really thought deeply about it” but is still red enough to fall within a Valentine’s Day color palette.

The Apple Tree Course Starter is also perfect for eLearning courses that aren’t secretly valentines.

Double the fun with just one Course Starter! We make it simple for you to add your content to over 20 different beautiful layout options in one download.

apple tree course starter layout samples

However, there’s more than just simple layouts in this Course Starter.

The Apple Tree Course Starter for Storyline also includes quizzes, branching scenarios, read and select interactions, drag and drop interactions, timeline sliders, and more! I love a good drag and drop interaction.

apple tree drag and drop


These Course Starters are more than just eye candy and engaging interactions. They also feature xAPI integration. If you’re new to xAPI, watch this webinar, Webinar: Get Rockstar Reporting with xAPI Templates from eLearning Brothers!, to learn how to utilize this feature.

Dying to make an eLearning Valentine—I mean, course—with this Course Starter, but not a member? Sign up for a free 7-day trial now and you’ll get access to the entire eLearning Brothers Asset Library.



*Okay, sometimes it feels more like a love-hate relationship, but it all works out in the end, right?

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