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Previously, we shared the most downloaded male cutout character, Adrian. But why stop there when Claudia deserves equal recognition? Claudia is the friendly face your learners have been craving. It’s easy to see why she was our more downloaded female cutout character for eLearning in 2018.

Plus, she even looks good in this badly fluorescent-lit library setting! Not many people can say that.

Claudia cutout character in a library setting, also from our asset libraries

Claudia pointing, stock library background

Want to use Claudia’s cutout character in all your courses? Great! Claudia is available in business attire, business casual, and casual clothes.

We have a variety of backgrounds available in the Stock Asset Library, as well, which work great with our cutout characters. Or, take pictures of your own work environment for a personal touch.

Claudia in business attire in a board room

Claudia thinking, conference room

Cutout characters like Claudia are perfect for adding some personality to your eLearning content. You can even localize your content by creating versions of the same course with characters of different ethnicity. At the beginning of the course, ask your learners to select their location, then branch them to the version of the course with a character guide they’ll click with!

It’s easy to find the right person in our Cutout People library. Just use the simple filters at the top of the page to narrow down your choices.

screenshot of drop down menu in the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library showing how to sort by ethnicity

With so many choices, you’re sure to find a character that works for your course!

Let’s take one last look at Claudia in her casual clothes, but still ready for serious business:

Claudia cutout character at an office front desk

Claudia texting, office reception area

Pro tip: Don’t be like Suzie.

Take a look at all the poses and attire available for Claudia in the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library.


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