Peace of mind you have the right learning technology

So you are tasked with research and writing a business case for a Learning Management System (LMS). On top of your day job. And not only that, your management team want you to get three (!) quotes. You may have no idea where to start looking and don’t have the time to document requirements (and you may not know what you don’t know!), calendar wrangle vendor scoping calls, demos and receipts of proposals etc.etc.

​This is where we come in. We can help you on several levels, but most importantly from a ‘business outcomes’ first focus. We are organisational learning experts first, with a passion and knowledge of the best learning tech globally.

​We bring global products to the local market, so even ‘down under’ you are getting the best purchase and support at a local level.

We Will:

  • Understand your requirements
  • Short list three providers
  • Organise three demos
  • Manage proposal process
  • Summarise the options
  • Project Manage implementation

We Will:

  • Manage all responses
  • Answer questions
  • Shortlist responders
  • Facilitate evaluation workshop
  • Organise demo logistics
  • Facilitate debrief workshop

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