Fun Learning Games for Snowy Days

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We are well into winter and chances are, by now you’ve had a snow day—or what would be a snow day if you weren’t a hard-working adult with bills to pay, that is. Ah, the joys of being a kid! There’s something about looking outside and seeing everything blanketed with snow that makes me want to stay inside and dust off the rarely-used board game shelf.

But why go to the trouble of digging out a board game when there are so many games in the eLearning Brothers eLearning Template Library? Our pre-built eLearning games allow you to customize all the text, images, colors, shapes, sizes, number of questions, etc. with your own content. Games are great for quizzing your learners in an engaging way or just allowing them to practice what they’ve learned in a fun interaction.

We offer games built in all the major authoring tools, but today I’ll just be focusing on Storyline game templates.

Delivery Challenge has consistently been one of our popular Storyline games—as well as for Lectora users. Players travel a route and questions are map points, as seen below.

delivery challenge slide 1 - map

And now below is a sample question. You can put whatever content you want into the questions, as well as control how many questions there are.

delivery challenge slide 2

Perhaps you want to embrace winter, rather than hide from it. I recommend the Alpine Skiing challenge game for that. Each question is represented by a gate and your learner must make it all the way down the hill. How many gates—aka questions—they must reach are up to you!

alpine skiing game slide 1

Here’s what a question looks like in the Alpine Skiing Challenge.

alpine skiing game slide 2

You can also download the Popular Choice game in any of our new Course Starter Styles. Here’s a little glimpse of a few of them:

popular choice game screenshot

That’s a great option if you want to keep your whole course looking and feeling the same, but you still want an interactive game.

Check out our eLearning Template Library for more games!


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