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You don’t need us to tell you that the eLearning industry changes nearly every day. But now, there’s a big shift on the horizon that has the potential to impact nearly any LMS—and thus, your learners.


Let’s rewind back to when the change began…


2010: Apple® decides not to support Adobe® Flash™ on the iPhone.

2017: Adobe announces its intent to stop updating and distributing the Flash Player.

2020: Flash will officially become unsupported.


Most people are pretty excited about this. Some headlines from when the news broke included:



“So long, Flash: Adobe will kill plug-in by 2020” (CNN.com)

Flash Is Dead (Thank God) – What’s Next? (AndPlus.com)


However, as you can see from that last headline, the death of Flash has generated a few questions. 


Specifically for our industry, this shift has many eLearning professionals wondering: “Where will that leave my eLearning curriculum when Adobe Flash burns out?”


And that, my friends, is why we created Flash Finder™.


Flash Finder acts as your own personal assistant by scouring the files on your LMS, crawling through years and years of courses to locate any Flash-related files. Our solution can save you hours and hours of tedious searching, allowing you to focus on more important things—like figuring out who keeps stealing your yogurt from the office fridge.


This nifty tool generates detailed reports with the info you need to create a fact-based action plan to tackle any Flash files lurking in your LMS. Flash Finder provides an indispensable way to quickly catalog any Flash files doomed to irrelevance.


Depending on your LMS, Flash Finder reports can include:


  • Data on when the Flash files were uploaded,
  • who uploaded them,
  • course ID numbers,
  • the last time courses were accessed,
  • the authoring tool they were created with,
  • and more!


Sounds like magic, right?


Alas, we are not wizards. But we ARE dedicated to helping you become eLearning Rockstars in every way. Don’t let obsolete software catch you or your learners by surprise next year. Flash Finder is here to save the day.


Contact our Custom Solutions team to learn more about Flash Finder.



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