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Nigel Painethe learning challengeThere’s not much that Nigel Paine doesn’t know about workplace learning: he’s the former head of training and development at the BBC in the UK, and he’s the author of The Learning Challenge’, an at-a-glance guide to creating a learning strategy in your organisation.

If you came to last year’s eLearnz you’ll remember how knowledgeable and engaging he is.

So we’re thrilled to welcome him back to NZ as the MC at our eLearnz eLab next month. He’ll also be hosting a workshop on content curation at the event, so we asked him to outline what he’ll be focusing on and how you’ll benefit from the session.

What is content curation?

We drown in information, and we can’t cope with the amount of stuff that passes across our desk, so we tend to deal with it by ignoring it. The American academic Clay Shirky claimed that the problem was not the information overload but our poor filter system. Curation is a filter system for teams and groups to work out what is important, and why, and create a network of knowledge sharing that keeps you on top of everything without any sensations of drowning whatsoever!

Curation is now a core skill and we have huge numbers of tools that help us manage that process and add some value. This is not about selecting stuff, it is about guiding your colleagues towards podcasts, comments, blogs, and information that are relevant and interesting, but you need to explain why. Curation is selecting and sense making.

What will I learn in the workshop?

The workshop will be hands on. We will pick a few tools and then get to work. You will experience the process of curation by doing it, not talking about it, and we will discuss the impact of curation. You will not be a world expert by the end, but you’ll be confident enough to take all of this forward and do it for real. That will be for yourself, your colleagues and your team. The workshop is not designed for any one group, but for everybody who feels overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to deal with, and frustrated by how much they appear to miss.

We start with what you already use, but if you know nothing and come along, someone will make sure you learn from them and that you have a great experience. If you do this already, come along and share your techniques as you’re likely to learn something new.

How can I get started with content curation?

Come along to eLearnz! Find out more at www.elearnz.co.nz

Nigel’s top tools

  • Check out Slack; it is a cool workflow tool and is getting a lot of interest.  It’s a brilliant alternative to sharing information with your team using email (the place where information comes to die) .
  • Make sure you subscribe to my weekly podcast, from scratch. It’s a curation and discussion of ideas in L&D with my colleague Martin Couzins. There are 60 to choose from now.


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