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When learning needs to be just-in-time and at-a-glance, a digital presentation is one of the most effective ways to convey it. After all, a picture says a thousand words – and a presentation says even more.

That’s why we wanted to include a presentation package in our series of elearning workshops at eLearnz eLab this year. We’ll focus on PowToon, a low-cost package that’s simple to learn.

What is PowToon?

It’s a low-cost cloud-based tool for building animated presentations. It’s ideal for how-tos, intros and other times when you need to communicate something short, sharp and polished.

Here’s a great example of a PowToon created in less than an hour using just the free package.


Explore the PowToon blog for more examples.

Bringing learning alive

As you can see, the great benefit of tools such as PowToon is the way they bring content to life and help it stick. You’ll know that adults’ brains are wired to look for stories (that’s why we use them so often in learning and development activities). That means that software that’s designed around this concept – that gives us the chance to hang information around a narrative – is always going to be a great tool for L&D teams.

With PowToon, you can outline a scenario – such as a training situation – simply and powerfully, setting up characters, showing the challenges involved and providing a resolution. As with any story, when it’s told well, it’ll stick.

Professional presentations

Just like many of the packages we learning pros use, PowToon comes with freebies. You’ll find a library of images, icons, characters, templates and colour schemes when you log in, and of course you can add your own.

You can also add music to your PowToon, which not only adds a layer of professionalism but also helps trigger emotions in your learners. You can probably already think of ways you could use these.


Our eLearnz workshop is aimed at those who haven’t spent much time with PowToon. Even if you’ve never created a Powtoon before, you’ll come away with a learning piece that addresses a training need in your organisation. Our facilitators Emily Smith and Rustica Lamb will be on hand with tips and tricks, and you’ll also be able to share ideas with other learners.

Our workshop

We’ll look at the costs and benefits of the different PowToon plans and how each of them can best meet your needs. You’ll have a chance to make your own presentation, including choosing a soundtrack and theme, and our experts will be on hand to guide you through any challenges you face.

If you’re more experienced or want to challenge yourself, you’ll also benefit from this workshop. Take advantage of our facilitators’ expertise with the package and experience of learning projects to experiment with new features and ideas.

Key facts

Who’s this workshop for?

Beginners upwards – no experience necessary

What do I need?

You’ll need an internet-enabled device and a PowToon account.

How can I prepare?

Come ready with a project that you’d like to experiment with using PowToon. Take a look at PowToon’s blog for examples of what works well.

How do I register?

Sign up at www.elearnz.co.nz 

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Join us at our eLearnz eLab to build your skills in this essential tool. Got a question for our facilitators or something you’d like to explore on the day? Post it below in the comments.

Emily SmithBloom Learning Technologies is sponsoring Emily Smith, who is delivering the PowToon workshop (co-facilitated with Rustica Lamb) for eLearnz eLab.

Emily is a student at Avondale College and is a digital native. She enjoys digital design and online projects and her skills were recognised in Year 7 when she won an award for Creative Media. She works part-time as a graphic designer for her grandfather’s software business.

Emily is saving for an international music competition in Queensland July 2017.  Her school music group will compete with 50 other schools from around the world.  This PowToon workshop for eLearnz eLab is part of her fundraising efforts, to which Bloom is donating.  Click here to view her fundraising PowToon.  Emily has setup a GiveaLittle page for donations.


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