eLearning Rockstars Stage – On the eLearning Horizon and Beyond

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The eLearning industry is constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep an eye on what advancements are coming while also trying to manage current budgets and technology restraints. We were joined by Alessio Artuffo, Director of International Business Operations, Docebo and Curtis Morley, eLearning Brothers at DevLearn 2018 to share their thoughts on the future of the eLearning industry.

Curtis and Alessio started by setting the stage—aka reflecting on the good old days of instructor-led training and the beginning of the LMS industry. Then they talked about the evolution of social learning. Next, Curtis talked about an evolution that’s already here: learning-specific AI algorithms.

Artificial intelligence for eLearning? That’s right. It’s here. Computers can now create content. Be afraid, be very afraid…

Finally, Curtis and Alessio talked about where eLearning is going.

They covered topics including:

  • Complete learning automation
  • Put the “person” back in personalization (adaptive learning)
  • Teaching for Generation Z
  • Mobile learning

In the presentation, Curtis shared a really interesting example of adaptive learning where a nursing test adapts to the person taking it and serves them more or fewer questions depending on their knowledge level as determined by their answers to previous questions throughout the test.

Alessio also shared a fascinating case study featuring Swisscom, a major telecom provider in Switzerland.

Get the details in the eLearning Rockstars Learning Stage video below.

Download their presentation slides here.

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