There are several ways for a company to access elearning content development. The first is through a supplier company, similar to an agency model that employs full time staff who need to have high utilisation and therefore higher margins associated with them. The second is through using a contractor model. Often both models use the same resources.

Bloom has developed a much more engaging and cost effective model called 19 Slides where you can get 19 slides built in 19 days.

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What can eLearning do for you?

eLearning is all about flexibility – for learners and for organisations. In comparison to traditional classroom-based learning, eLearning can be more easily tailored to suit individual needs, with learners being able to access their learning at any time from a range of devices. eLearning is ideal for learners who need a quick reminder of a topic or who need more in-depth information, including online courses leading to formal qualifications.


eLearning has quicker delivery cycle times than traditional classroom-based instruction. Research indicates that eLearning can reduce learning time by 25-60% when compared to traditional learning.  eLearning also ensures consistency of approach across the business and saves costs associated with trainers, course materials, venues, travel and accommodation.


Online learning is great for business, too. While ensuring consistency of approach across the business, its flexibility means it can be built to match your budget and compliance requirements, while managers can use it to monitor performance. In addition, online content can complement other solutions such as face-to-face training, discussion groups and webinars to create a holistic approach to learning that meets everyone’s needs.

Where does Bloom fit in?

We’re experts in eLearning and in business. We don’t just provide content – we work with you to create eLearning that’s right for your budget, your people and your strategy.

Our network of learning professionals is the key to the way we work. At the start of your project, we will make time to understand your needs, budget and learners. We’ll bring our knowledge of learning philosophies, technology and creativity to your project, and will show you the difference your eLearning will make – both to your bottom line and your learners’ capability. Bloom prides itself on its network of learning professionals, and we’ll bring in thevery best learning designers and eLearning specialists to create your online solution.