eLBX Online Day 6 – What is xAPI and Why Should You Care?

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We kicked off xAPI week with a visit from our friend Mike Hruska of Problem Solutions. He joined us—from his hotel room in Bangkok at 1 am his time, no less!—to explore the business value behind learning ecosystems. While Mike did briefly cover the differences between SCORM and xaPI, as well as an LMS and a LRS, this session was more of a broader look at how you can use xAPI to work toward the bigger picture of data tracking and improved organizational knowledge. We’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty of xAPI later in the week.

Attendees learned how the Experience API enables new technologies for a next-generation learning and performance architecture that you can build and evolve to unlock business value and competitive advantages for your organization.

Mike talked about using different approaches like Design Thinking, Learning Ecosystem Modeling, Performance Design, and more. A lot of this ties into being able to act as an agile learning organization, which is a growing trend not only in the learning industry but business overall.

A couple of the resources that Mike mentioned:


If you missed today’s session, don’t worry! All the recordings and presentations will be archived on our site at the end of the week.


This week is all about xAPI. Click below to see the full schedule and register.


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