eLBX Online Day 5 – Boost Your Training ROI with Course Starters

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eLearning Course Starters, Games, Customizable Courseware … when budgets are tight, how do you convince business leaders to fund all the eLearning goodies on your wish list? To make a compelling case, business-savvy training professionals use ROI–Return On Investment—to justify the business value of budget requests.

In this webinar, Nic Brown and Chris Willis from the eLearning Brothers Product Team taught attendees how to speak ROI, the language of business.

In this session, Chris and Nic talked about

  • Return On Investment (ROI) basics for eLearning development
  • Why ROI matters in business, and what decision makers want to see
  • Simple ROI projection to justify the business value of eLB Course Starters


What is ROI?

Return On Investment – ROI:
The amount of value received (return) after all costs and expenses (investment) have been deducted.

Chris also briefly covered a couple of ways to calculate ROI.

Here’s one:

roi calculator, one method

And here’s another:

roi calculator, another method


Business Cases

Nic shared a real-life example from his department. The product team kicked off Q1 with some pretty ambitious goals. He knew his team didn’t have the capacity to design and build as many projects as desired, on time. In the webinar, he walked attendees through his process for building a business case for outsourcing.


showing the business case

If you missed today’s session, don’t worry! This week’s webinars are archived on our site.


Tune into eLBX Online next week for all about xAPI! 

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