eLBX Online Day 19 – Mobile Development in Lectora

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In a mobile-friendly world, eLearning development is becoming increasingly complicated. How can you know what your course will look like on a phone, tablet, and desktop, and how do you ensure your learners have an effective learning experience on every platform? The answer is Lectora Inspire 18.


In this webinar, developer Andrew Vass demonstrated Lectora’s Responsive Course Design feature and showed the process used by eLearning Brothers to create templates that can be customized for optimal viewing on multiple devices and browser sizes.

Andrew went over:


  • An Overview of Responsive Course Design
  • Getting Started Creating a Responsive Project
  • Responsive Design Tips and Tricks


Andrew describes Lectora’ Responsive Course Design as a happy medium between scalable design and responsive breakpoint design. Essentially, the content scales down as the viewing device’s window or screen shrinks, until it hits the next breakpoint and then content rearranges.


Lectora provides 5 different device views: Desktop, Phone Landscape, Tablet Landscape, Phone Portrait, and Tablet Portrait. Mobile development in Lectora enables you to design and reposition for each breakpoint view. Changes you make to the desktop view cascade down to the other views, going from desktop to landscape to portrait. It’s recommended to start developing in desktop and then tweak each individual view as necessary.


Andrew shared lots of great tips. Stay tuned for the recording, which will be available by the end of the week.


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