eLBX Online Day 18 – Mobile Development in Captivate

 In eLearning Brothers

Adobe Captivate allows developers to create mobile learning courses for a multi-device world. eLearning Brothers developer Andrew Vass joined us today to demonstrate developing mobile learning in Captivate.

Andrew talked about:


  • Responsive development using Fluid Boxes
  • Responsive development using Breakpoints
  • Pros and cons of responsive and breakpoint projects


Fluid Boxes is Captivate’s most recent iteration of responsive design. Breakpoints are an older method, released in Captivate 8. Used correctly, fluid boxes rearrange your content to fit on every single device imaginable, allowing you to truly author once for all devices.


In today’s webinar, Andrew was using Captivate 2019 on a PC. Most of what he showed applies to Captivate 2017 and 2019 and can also be replicated on a Mac.


To learn more about using Fluid Boxes, check out these webinar recordings:



Andrew shared lots of great tips. Stay tuned for the recording, which will be available by the end of the week.


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