eLBX Online Day 16 – Evolution of Mobile Learning

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Mobile technology plays a large role in how people receive information today. In today’s eLBX Online webinar, John Blackmon, Chief Technology Officer at Trivantis, talked about the roots of mobile learning, how it started, and where it is going in the future. He also suggested some ways to utilize mobile concepts in the content that you create today.

Picture this—the percentage of mobile device users is going up, while the number of people who still own desktop computers is going down. We simply HAVE to develop our eLearning content for mobile devices.

The Future is Mobile (and Video!)

John shared a few statistics with us today, including:

  • 65% of all digital media is viewed on smartphones
  • 27% of people are mobile-only internet users
  • There are 3 billion smartphone users worldwide


Where Did Mobile Learning Begin?

John talked about the evolution of mobile learning. Mobile design has progressed through these stages and methods of development:

  • Fixed design (static page size)
  • Fluid/scaling design (using percentages for width, not easily optimized)
  • Adaptive design (different versions of content for each expected screen width)
  • Responsive design (based on the fluid grid concept, position and size in relative units rather than absolute)


Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Mobile Learning


  • Build content in bite-sized pieces
  • Use smaller files sizes
  • Keep your user interface simple
  • Incorporate gaming/interactivity

John shared lots of other great tips. Stay tuned for the recording, which will be available by the end of the week.


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