eLBX Online Day 12 – Game-Based Design

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What’s the difference between games, gamification, and quizzes? (Especially things people call games that are really just glorified quizzes!) Furthermore, how can they be used to build engagement and increase the transfer of learning?

Today we hosted Misty Harding, expert Instructional Designer, in a discussion of the instructional design mechanics of games and gamification, how they differ from quizzes, and examples of things from our courses that can help to inspire you for your own.

Misty talked about:

  • Why gaming?
  • Game cautions
  • Design thinking for games/experiences
  • Pyramid of engagement power
  • The spectrum of play

In addition, Misty showed off over 20 examples of different levels of gameplay, many created by our very own custom team or available as templates in our library.

Misty also shared that recent research is showing that 75% of participants would be more engaged if learning included gaming dynamics.

In this webinar, she briefly touched upon making a business case for gaming, ensuring you think through the design, understanding your audience, and convincing stakeholders.

Misty also share this video link with attendees if they wanted to see more details about one of the bigger game examples she showed. This is a game eLearning Brothers custom produced. You can watch the video here:

Missed this webinar? Don’t worry, we’ll be posting all the recordings at the end of the week. The xAPI archive from last week is available now.

This week is all about gamification. Register for more webinars below.


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