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Our very own Marty Rosenheck, Director, Talent Development Consulting is presenting this week at Learning Solutions 2019 in Orlando, Florida.

His session is called “Case Study: Designing an Integrated Learning Strategy” and you can catch him Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 – 5:00 PM in Salon 13.

Marty is sharing a case study featuring a major hospital system that was building a new hospital. Nurses, physicians, and hospital staff had to prepare to work effectively, confidently, and safely to provide an excellent patient experience on day one. They had to navigate new spaces; implement new workflows and policies; use new equipment, a new electronic medical records system, and a new communications system; and employ new safety and security procedures.

How do you enable busy employees to learn a large and complex set of critical skills in a limited time?

In this case study session, you’ll see how the hospital used an integrated, multifaceted learning strategy to make the move a success. The key was to design and build a systematic set of learning experiences using technology appropriately, guided by sound learning science principles. You’ll learn how to create role-based learning paths that employ eLearning, video, hands-on labs and workshops, online and live simulations, mobile learning and performance support, and fun reinforcement activities. These are based on learning experience design principles including design thinking, active learning, spaced practice, scenarios, and on-demand content. Finally, you’ll see how to implement an iterative, collaborative design and development process that involves internal L&D professionals, hospital leaders and staff, SME-developed content, and external consultants.

If you’re attending Learning Solutions, be sure to attend Marty’s session and say hi to us on the expo floor! If you’re not attending the conference, but are interested in how we can help you develop your learning strategies, give our custom team a ring.


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