What is an LMS?

An LMS is a software portal which allows users to connect and engage with course content provided by trainers, workplaces or other course providers. Typically, an LMS is accessed through a browser or using a downloadable software package.

What does it stand for?

LMS stands for Learning Management System although this type of tool is also known as an eLearning platform or online learning portal.

Who uses a Learning Management System?

Employees are the primary users of these systems as most courses, learning plans, quizzes and assessments are conducted through the LMS. Users of the system may also include employees or volunteers in the context or a workplace or non-profit organisation.

Why is an LMS necessary?

Using an online tool consolidates all learning related communication into one place reducing the need for emailed correspondence, third-party video hosting and other necessary tools. Typically, an LMS provides a one-stop-shop.

How to select an LMS?

When choosing software, the needs of your organisation should be given foremost consideration. At Bloom, we pride ourselves on providing an incredibly adaptable and customisable platform for organisations of all types and sizes. Accordingly, the nature of your courses and the way you would like students to interact online are key considerations.

What system is the best?

We think that Bloom provides the best system out there, hands down. Our platform is used by banks, universities and companies worldwide. Check out our platform and see for yourself!

What is the difference between cloud and Self-Hosted LMS?

Cloud-software requires no installation on a local computer or phone, meaning just about anyone with a computer or mobile device can log on and start learning. Bloom Learning technologies provides a cloud-based LMS for this reason to ensure compatibility across all devices. Self-hosted LMS systems are typically installed by the provider on their own server and may require students to use a locally installed program to engage with the content. In the cloud, we maintain all security for you. On your own server – you may be on your own.

Is an open source learning management system better?

The needs of your organisation must be considered, however despite having no licensing fees for the base versions, open source software may be expensive to maintain and secure without the support and guidance from the software vendor. For this reason, we believe proprietary (yet affordable) software such as Bloom represents a better choice.

How do you set-up and install a Learning Management System?

For platforms such as Bloom which are cloud-based, all you need to do is register your account and start populating your profile with courses and students. Other platforms such as locally-run software packages or self-hosted systems may have more detailed set-up and installation requirements.

Who provides the content for Learning systems?

Bloom provides a course market place of over 100,000 courses from various providers. However, if you have specific requirements for your training or need to conduct a course which is not from our library – you can create your own courses using our system. Additionally, you can publish your courses for public use or just for access by your own students or staff.

Should I install software to access the LMS?

With Bloom you don’t need to install anything, just open your web browser and visit the dedicated link for your organisation. Some LMS functions such as video may require browser plugins although you will be prompted to install these plugins if and when required.

How do I integrate an LMS with WordPress or Sharepoint?

Bloom continues to develop support for third party systems and is presently working on a Zapier integration package. You should contact us for further information if you have specific needs with your website or app. Additionally, you can link to your organisation’s learning portal from your website or app where users may login using their credentials.

What kinds of courses can be studied online?

Courses covering staff induction, soft skills, marketing, sales and just about every other possible topic area can be studied online nowadays thanks to popular online course marketplaces. Bloom brings these courses together providing a complete index of courses from just about every single subject matter imaginable. Most courses are short courses meaning they will not necessarily lead to an accredited qualification from an educational institution although they are useful in demonstrating experience – for example on your resume, or for your own personal development.

Are there assignments or assessment tasks?

Different courses have different requirements and may or may not require assessments to be undertaken in order to complete the course. Check with the course provider or read through the specific course specification for further information.

Do online courses work?

Online courses help people learn new skills. Whether a course works all depends on whether you apply the skills you have learnt in the context of the course subject area. Many of our courses are taught by real-word professionals who have years of industry experience in particular topic areas which can give you the real edge in your career and personal development progression.

Are courses done online easier?

Face-to-face courses may seem harder at first, although typically this is not the case. Many face-to-face courses have contact requirements whereby you must physically attend classes in order to access the content and complete the course. For many, this can be difficult when juggling work and life commitments. With online learning, the content is almost always the same as face-to-face courses without the need to travel to and from classes, additionally you can access the courses whenever and wherever you may be.

Is it cheaper to study a course online?

The cost of our courses is set by our course providers and differs from course to course. In most instances studying online is cheaper than attending a short course in a physical delivery mode.

Are short courses useful for career progression?

Yes! Many new and flourishing education start-ups such as Bloom are helping thousands of people every day learn new skills and develop their career without the need to attend expensive university courses. For this reason, employers are increasingly adding weight to the value of online short courses in considering candidates for positions.

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  • Rustica has been instrumental in facilitating our Onboarding, Induction, Health and Safety and Training requirements. In choosing the contractors to work with us, she has effectively matched their skills to our requirements and that has been the success of our new education programme. Her team is dynamic and responsive. The Savvy Start process has meant that we had clear goals, objectives and what we would expect in results, right from the initial planning stages. They have always delivered projects, on time and to budget, and have exceeded our expectations.

    Dianne Sherrock Retail Training Manager, Green Cross Health
  • I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Bloom on a regular basis. From day one it has been nothing but a great professional experience. Bloom is truly an industry leader and trail blazer in the L&D field. Through Bloom I have had opportunities to work with great clients on interesting projects. Because of their clear and efficient communication and personal, supportive approach to talent management, I have been able to focus my energy on the design and development of each project, enabling me to bring the best results to our many satisfied clients.

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  • When we commenced our work with Rustica and her team we set out to achieve some ambitious goals in a very short period of time. Thanks to Rustica’s creativity, innovation and expertise our project team were proud and delighted to launch a global offering using the latest elearning that resulted in a 58% reduction in delivery time and a 47% cost saving per learner. That was beyond our expectations in terms of the savings and the speed with which we achieved our project goals.

    Emma Kirkman Global Organisational Development Manager, Orion Health