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What does it take to make eLBX Online happen? 30 webinars within a 6 week period with guests from around the globe (and the office) requires coordination, communication, planning, and a quality recording booth. I chatted with our video specialist Andrew Townsend to get the scoop on some of the most commonly asked questions he gets from viewers.


Here’s our webinar recording FAQ, straight from our video expert:

Andrew posing in the webinar room

What kind of camera do we use for our webinars?

Our primary camera is a Logitech C920 HD Pro. For the occasional double camera need, we’ll hook up a Logitech C270. The C920 shoots a very nice 1080p with quality color recognition. The C270 only shoots in 720p and has much less color control.


What kind of microphone do we use for our webinars?
Our primary microphone is a Shure PG42 in a shockmount attached to a table arm. This runs through an XLR cable to a mixing board, and then into a computer via USB. For the occasional double microphone need we use a simple hand-held microphone on a table stand that runs into the same mixing board.


What are the specs for our production booth?

Our production/recording booth is a small 12’ x 8’ room with 1” acoustic foam on the walls. When in a webinar we have anywhere from one to three people in the booth sitting at either side of a table. We suspended a daylight-balanced LED bar in the middle of the table and wrapped cylindrical diffusion around it so that both presenters can have even lighting on their faces. There are also two LED light bars behind both presenters to help them pop out from the background. This is especially important if our presenters are wearing black or grey.

Both Andrews recording a webinar

Do you always show the camera of the presenter?

In just about all cases yes. We use GoToWebinar for our webinar hosting service and when you’re watching a live webinar you have the option as the viewer to shrink, move, adjust, or even turn off your view of the presenter. If our viewers are bothered by having the webcam view they can turn it off. However, we have found that our presentations benefit from having the face of the presenter shown as they share their excitement for the subject. It is always nice to have a personal touch and to be reminded that here at eLearning Brothers we’re just a bunch of eLearning Designers and Developers too.

Thanks for sharing your expertise with us, Andrew! Let us know in the comments if you use any of Andrew’s tips for your next webinar or video recording.



This week eLBX Online is all about xAPI. Click below to see the full schedule and register for more webinars.


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