We lead


We value win-win


We have a sense of humour


We say it how it is -kindly


We focus on the end goal


We are quality-driven


1. The Future is Ours to Create

Our future is in our hands. As a collective mission, nothing is impossible.

2. We are all crew

We are all on Spaceship Earth as crew, who equally affect and are effect by our actions

3. There’s already enough

We have everything we need when we work together, united by purpose

4. Everyone’s a genius

We are not divided by our differences, but united by our uniqueness.

5. It takes a village

We cannot do it alone. All our solutions will come from collaboration and co-creation5.

6. Serve, give, grow

Begin by adding value to others, then nurture and grow your own value

7. Environment, education, entrepreneurship

Live, learn, love; Where we show up, how we make sense of it, how we enhance it

8. Grow conscious capital

Grow assets ethically, and then flow them to serve best in profit and purpose

9. Love is in the detail

Slow down to speed up. Never do things fast at the expense of doing things well

10. Judgement free zone

No wasted time on negativity, complainys or excuses. Ignore what you can’t change. Change what you can

11. Be free. Have fun

Live in blessed unrest, where nothing is rushed yet all is accomplished. Be the change

12. Everything is temporary

Be humble. One day we will all be gone. Live your trust and greatest sell every day

Founder & Director

Rustica Lamb

Rustica was once described by a client as ‘an inspiring disruptor, a Nostradamous – trend-spotter who travels into the future who brings us back goodies to play with. She’s an innovative and edgy practitioner who looks for opportunities to connect ideas and people. Business or play, she’s a values led person who puts great outcomes ahead of personal gain”


Internally she is called ‘The Cat’ because she often needs herding in the right direction usually because she is out and about connecting over a coffee or wine, in person or over zoom and not reviewing those spreadsheets Nicki sent her.


Despite her daughter attending the inspiring Bali Green School, you will often find her buzzing around Australasia and the world to conferences, global partner catchups, client meetings and demos.  She finds the best people, tools and tech and shares the latest trends with the L&D community to make workplaces thrive.


She is backed by an amazing team in Australasia, whom she describes as ‘all being on the Big Green Bus’ with Nicki driving of course and Rustica in the back seat having a party.


General Manager

Nicki Turnbull

Nicki is Bloom’s glue, she is responsible for the day-to-day running and ensures that everything (and everyone!) is in order.  She is the Chief Cat Herder and notes that herding cats can be quite tricky!


She loves travelling and will often be on the end of her MacBook in a far away place, sitting in the sun working and swimming in the pool but always available and on top of things.  She is never out of New Zealand too long though as with 4 grandchildren here who are the light of her life she spends as much time with them as she can.


Bloom’s clients love Nicki because she speaks common sense and negotiates consistently brilliant results while remaining grounded and positive.  She can always be counted on to ‘go the extra mile with a smile’.

Business Development Manager

Garry Butler

Garry, also known as Harry due to a misplaced keystroke, is our Running Man. When not dropping his daughter to Green School, on a scooter of course, he’s off running in the beautiful Bali mountains.

He is passionate about the world’s greatest LMS and extremely proud that Bloom was top global partner in 2017 and 2018. He is a mine of information so beware, if you ask him about LMS’s, he may never stop talking! He definitely is raising the brand awareness  in Australasia.


Account Manager

Alldyla Firdauzy

Having moved to New Zealand from Indonesia at the age of 19, Alldy is a firm believer that everyone has the right to a sense of belonging. He brings this ethos to his role at Bloom, where he’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our wonderful clients.

Alldy takes a hands-on approach to work. If he’s not knee-deep in a whirlwind of whiteboards and sticky notes, there’s a good chance you’ll find him fleshing out ideas with others in a spirited brainstorming session. By taking a holistic and collaborative approach to projects, Alldy aims to always keep the end user front and centre (and happy!).

Alldy spends his spare time traversing all four corners of the creative world. Whether he’s making music, creating sculptures, building furniture or taking photographs, Alldy loves to explore the point where art ,design, technology and human connection collide.

Learning Designer

Marion Littin

Marion has a curious obsession with hot pink and a penchant for tap-dancing and playing the clarinet (never together though!) but apart from that is almost completely normal. She has spent far more time than was either healthy or sensible teaching primary school and made the leap into L&D in a misguided attempt to join the “real world”. Due to this she has unique insight into the learning needs of the newest members of the workforce.

Marion is happiest when developing systems and processes and gets excited about developing learning outcomes and assessments. She quickly builds positive relationships to grow exciting learning with our diverse range of clients.


Executive Assistant

Lauren Downer

If Lauren isn’t working, she has her fingers stuck in play-doh with her daughter, or her toes are in the sand at the beach enjoying the calm with her family.

Laurens strength is being reliable and able to think on her feet, but don’t ask her cook (unless you like burnt pasta).  Although she loves learning all about new technology, she thinks you just can’t beat reading a paperback book!

Lauren is new to Bloom and enjoys how innovative the team are, and truly believes in Bloom’s values. If you need someone to find that spelling mistake in a proposal, or to help pull a project together, she is your gal!