3 eLearning Trends to Look for in 2019

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I read a lot of “what’s coming in (insert year)” articles. I do feel like there are some trends that are featured every year. For example, gamification is ALWAYS included in a trend prediction round-up. Microlearning finds its way onto these sort of lists, as well. And of course, we can’t forget mobile—the trend that never dies!

Just because those techniques are listed every year doesn’t make them any less important. However, because the internet—myself included—has talked about those plenty, I’m going to skip them today. 

Let’s talk about some NEW trends for 2019 that weren’t that big in 2018. Exciting, right?

2019 eLearning Trend #1: Adaptive Learning

This trend is all about tech supported personalization of learning content. First, keep in mind that It’s a proven fact: personalization helps engage your learners.

Adaptive learning is the strategy of adjusting the path and pace of learning to each learner’s needs. By using adaptive learning, you can shorten training time. Your employees are only taking the modules that cover tasks or information they specifically need. This helps increase your ROI, as your employees are spending more time working and less time taking training that doesn’t apply to them. Plus, you can identify skills gaps and competencies more quickly by tracking which modules are delivered more often and which aren’t.

Recently, we also talked about adaptive learning in this DevLearn recap article: eLearning Rockstars Stage – On the eLearning Horizon and Beyond

2019 eLearning Trend #2: AI for Learning Assistance

This one is similar to adaptive learning, but even higher tech—and maybe a little scary if you think about it!

Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict learner behavior, as well as to help personalize the learning. According to IBM, AI can also help curate a training path and anticipate future career development needs. So, be nice to the robots or they won’t help you climb the corporate ladder?

If robots controlling your career development scares you, turn your attention to this warm and fuzzy headline: Robots are empowering special needs children and reducing the IT skills gap. 

According to that article, “researchers of learning disabilities say students with intellectual disabilities may actually benefit the most from having human-like robots as classroom companions. Early studies have shown that humanoid robots can act as peers to help autistic children develop important social skills.”

Can’t be mad about that, right?

2019 eLearning Trend #3: Virtual Reality

Okay, yes, this has been on eLearning trend lists for the past couple of years. But I think we’re finally at a point where businesses and organizations are starting to truly implement virtual reality for training. 2019 is the year that virtual reality for eLearning and training is going to blow up. It will be lit, as the kids are saying. Wait, are they still saying that? Is there a new word for 2019? 

I’m not the only one who thinks that 2019 is the year for virtual reality. Check out this article on Why the year ahead will be huge for enterprise AR/VR. By 2022, enterprise virtual reality training is predicted to generate more than $6 billion!

People are now starting to call the combination of AR and VR  “Mixed Reality” or MR. Look for that on my 2020 eLearning Trends hotlist!

Have you started to test out any of these trends? Which 2018 trends did you embrace and which fell flat? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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